Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are friendly pets that are quite easy to take care for. However, it is important how you take care of them. You can read all about that here. Keep in mind that guinea pigs can reach an age of five or sometimes eight years old. 

Guinea pigs in short

Wild guinea pigs, the ancestors of our guinea pigs, live in the mountains of South-America. They are prey animals that are eaten by other animals. A guinea pig is no wild animal anymore, but they look like ther wild ancestors in many ways. A guinea pig in a boring cage won’t be happy. What is important? At least the following natural behaviour of your piggy:

  • A guinea pig is a prey animal, that won’t feel safe in a large open surrounding. That’s why a guinea pig will be happy with severa hiding places. More about this can be found under Housing.
  • Guinea pigs are social animals, that love to be with friends. Females get along quite well, but also two males (when they are introduced at the proper age) can get along really well. More about this can be found under Social group.
  • Just like all animals guinea pigs need space to move around and stay healthy. Keep them in a cage that is large around to run around! 
  • Guinea pigs have a well-developed digestive system that is adapted to plant material with a low energy level. More about this can be found under Nutrition.
  • Guinea pigs cannot make vitamin C. This needs to be present in their food!

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