Herb Mixtures

A range of natural mixtures with vegetables and herbs, composed with knowledge and dedication. Tested and approved by our animals.

This range is just an example of what we have of offer. Looking of something else? We happily help you developing the perfect mixtures! 

Muesli-mix deluxe

A very tasty mixture of different sorts of vegetables and cereals without any artificial additions. Ideal to provide as a healthy snack for rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents, especially when they are only fed pellet food.
Also very useful to feed to animal in colder periods to boost their energy intake, to stimulate feed intake in sick animals and to support mothers and their young. This mixture does not contain carob and maize.

Ingredients: vegetables, cereals, dried grass, flowers.


Super-tasty mix of vegetables and grasses. Ideal addition to the menu of rabbits, guinea pigs, degu’s and chinchilla’s.

Ingredients: vegetables, grasses, flowers.


100% vegetables, low in carbohydrates but high in fibre and protein. Very useful as healthy snackor to stimulate feed intake.

4-seasons mixtures

Taste the seasons! Four mixtures that are composed with the seasons. A spring-mix with flowers, green summer-mix, colourful autumn-mix and attractive winter-mix. Very tasty and 100% natural.


100% natural balls of hay filled with natural and healthy ingredients. Super-healthy and super-tasty and stimulates pets to search and exercise.

available in 2 sizes and with the fillings vegetables, herbs or surprise.

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