enJOY Petfood

Food of excellent quality is not made that easy. enJOY started developing guinea pig food that fulfilled in our demands for 110%. This way, we were sure that the animals in our guinea pig shelter received the most healthy food. After years of experience in petfood, this was an excellent challenga And because we believe that every animal deserves top quality, it is available for everyone now. Not only for guinea pigs, but also for rabbits.

Hay is the basis of the diet for guinea pigs and rabbits. That’s why enJOY also offers high-quality hay and hay mixtures. And because the natural diet of these species contain lots of variation, a dedicated range of additional 100% natural mixtures can be found too. 

Did you know? From every bag of enJOY, a part is saved to donate to goals that improve pet welfare!

Dry Food

A great pellet is an essential basis for good health of rodents and rabbits. enJOY has a unique combination of qualities:

  • Pressed pellets: the production process of pressed food is more natural than expanded food and occurs at lower temperatures. This makes that the nutritional value of the food is better preserved
  • Based on timothy hay: this hay sort is lower in calcium. High calcium contents may lead to problems with the bladder and kidneys.
  • No soy: so no chance of GMO-soy
  • Herbs in every bite: the recipes are enriched with dandelion and buckhorn, which are super-healthy and super-tasty!
  • Vitamin C: in the guinea pig food, the vitamin C content is very high (3000mg/kg) to prevent any shortages. 
  • Extra large pellet size: the pellets of the rabbit food are extra large to stimulate the teeth more.
Herb Mixtures

Tasty and super-healthy mixtures. Composed for specific situations, but also suitable to provide as snack.

Hay and hay mixtures

Good-quality hay is essential for herbivorous pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchilla’s. These products stimulate the intake of sufficient amounts of fibre.

Timothy hay

Low in calcium, fresh and cut in smaller pieces. Excellent for every herbivorous pet, but especially useful for animals that are prone to bladder problems. 

Haymix Support

Sometimes, animals don’t eat enough hay, for instance if they are not in optimal condition or if they don’t like it. But it is essential that they do eat enough roughage to stay healthy. This mix consists of many sorts of hay plus a small amount of herbs. Very tasty, full of variation and super-healhty for all herbivorous pets. 

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