Natural Petfood

Beestenplein is specialist in natural food for rodents and rabbits. But also for dogs and cats we offer the best food.

Food that FEEDS instead of FILLS

That’s why we only offer food that really supports animal health.  Our entire range consists of products that are dedicated to specific species, life stages or purposes. From natural kibbles and single herbs to complex herb mixtures. Years of theoretical and practical experience with ingredients and pets made it possible to develope the nutrition that we offer today.

Herb mixtures

Dedicated mixtures of all sorts and for different purposes, such as growth, stimulation of the intestines. 

Mixtures on demand are also possible.

Check out the entire range here!  

Singular ingredients and herbs

Our range of single natura ingredients is endless:

  • Leafs: strawberry, birch, raspberry, walnut, hazelnut
  • Flowers: camomille, rose, marigold
  • Herbs: echinacea, buckhorn, dandelion, green oats, peppermint
  • Vegetables: carrot, pea flakes, parsnip, red beet, bell pepper, dill, celery, parsley
  • Cereals: oat flakes, maize flakes, puffed wheat

Looking for specific ingredients? Just let us know!

enJOY Petfood

A complete super-premium range of rodent- and rabbitfood that consists of:

  • Herb mixtures: dedicated mixtures for specific life stages or problems, suc
  • Pressed pellets: based on timothy hay, with herbs and without soy.
  • Hay: essential basis for every herbivorous pet. 

More info about enJOY, click here!


Most of our products are packed in smaller quantities for the retail market. However, larger packaging is also possible. For export, the specific packaging type and size can best be fine tuned to the specific market. Together we can develop a solution for your market.

Private label

Beestenplein is able to produce a specific range for specific markets too. This can also be produced in private label.

Interested? Please contact us for possibilities! 

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