Cuddle crew

Watching, petting, cuddling, …… enjoying pets!

What do we do?

Our goal is to support pet welfare and to let owners enjoy their pets more. But we also think that it is very important that EVERYONE has the possibility to enjoy contact with animals. That’s why we started the cuddle-crew: we visit people with our animals.

Petting animals has a calming effect on people. They don’t judge like people do and they make you forget your worries for a while. Moreover, animals have positive effects on both adults and children with behavioural problems. 

Our cuddle-crew makes educational visits too, for instance to daycare centres, schools or other groups that like to learn more about animals.

This way, our animals can mean something great for almost everyone: for eldery people in retirement homes, for children in daycare, for disables persons, for schools,…. 

How do we work? 

Every visit is different and the wishes of people too. Everyone can decide for themselves how they want to enjoy the animals. We don’t force to pet an animal if someone doesn’t want to.

Before the visit we decide with you what the purpose of the visit is, which species are brought and if there are other wishes. 

During the visit we first bring in the animals in their transport boxes. They need to get used to the environment. Meanwhile, we tell a little bit more about them and about the purpose of the visit. Then we take the animals out and check what makes people happiest. For instance, we can put animals on a table or lap to pet them or sometimes leave them in the enclosure to look at them.

Which animals?

Every visit is different. Every pet is too. We choose the animals that we bring carefully, so their unique traits meet the wishes of the people and the purpose of the visit. A cuddle our in a retirement home asks for different traits than an educative visit to a school. 

We let you know which species we bring before we come. 


The costs depend on the duration, location and specific wishes. Please contact us to receive an offer.

Book us!

Send an e-mail to us to:

Due to animal welfare reasons, our cuddle-crew only visits locations in the Netherlands that are not longer than a 1-hour drive from Dongen. 

Terms and conditions

Animals need to be treated with respect at all times. This means that we think the natural behaviour of the animals is important and they need to be treated as living beings.

People or children need to have some affinity with animals, no allergies or fears.

The visit is on own risk, Beestenplein is not responsible for damage that is caused during the visit.

Keep in mind that animals can make a mess and they can shed on your clothes.

When it’s too hot or too cold it is possible that a visit will be shorter or cancelled. Animals can become sick of big differences in temperature. When this is the case, we contact you the day before.

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