Guinea pig shelter

Since 2012 we help guinea pigs in our animal shelter Caviaopvang Caviaplein, which is situated in th Netherlands. We take in guinea pigs that are not longer wanted by their owners and we search for a new forever home. More info about our animals can be found in the blogs on our website and in our specialized English Facebookgroup Animal Square – Piggies

We receive all kinds of guinea pigs due to all sorts of reasons, such as lack of interest, allergies or the death of one guinea pig leaving the other one behind. 

In our shelter we don’t breed with guinea pigs. An adoption is done to benefit the guinea pig. This means that animals that are brought together will stay together if they get along well. Even when this reduces their chance of being adopted. 

We don’t neuter males as a standard. Two males can get along very well, so why would we separate them? Guinea pigs that come to our shelter on their own we try to find a suitable friend based on their character. With an adult or with a baby, depending on what suits best.

There are also some residents in our guinea pig shelter that stay with us. These are mainly animals with a health problem or older males. We don’t want to rehome animals with health problems and we want to offer old males a permanent home, which sometime is difficult to find. 

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