About us

Our small company Animal Square, Beestenplein in Dutch, is officially founded in 2011. But actually, it exists much longer. It started many years ago with a dog, two guinea pigs, two birds and a little girl that wanted to becaome a vet. 

But I did not become a vet, but followed studies to learn to prevent diseases and to make sure animals have a great and healthy life. The number of pets grew to four dogs, some rabbits, a cat and an animal shelter full of guinea pigs.

Nowadays Beestenplein helps to improve the welfare of many pets and we try to make owners enjoy them as much as possible. We hope that we can do this for many more animals. That’s our goal.

And that is necessary, because even though many pets have an awesome life in their families, there are still many more that were not so lucky. Rabbits or guinea pigs that spend their lives alone in a small cage while they are social animals that desperately need a friend. Animals that get wrong nutrition, dogs that are not challenged enough or are completely misunderstood by their owners. In our guinea pig shelter we take care of many animals that were just toys for kids that were dumped when they were not interesting enough anymore.

We believe that every animal needs to be fulfilled in their needs. Behavioural needs are essential in this and are, sadly, often forgotten. And because every animal is an individual with a unique character, we owe it to our pets to support them in this. After all, pets did not choose to live with us in confinement and that means that they are completely dependant of our good care.

If we try to make the most of our animal’s potential you will experience that we understand, value and respect them better for who they are. And this way, we enjoy them a lot more too.

How do we help?

We try to help pets in several ways. First, we offer NATURAL AND HEALTHY food. Food that really supports animal health instead of only being tasty and maybe not so healthy as it might seem.

Also, we work very hard to SPREAD KNOWLEDGE amongst pet owners. Knowlegde is essential to understand what your animal needs and how you can help. Our website offers free articles and information about many different pet aspects. We also offer workshops and readings about pet topics.

In our GUINEA PIG SHELTER (www.caviaplein.nl) many guinea pigs find a new loving home every year.

We also visit retirement homes with our CUDDLE CREW to let other people enjoy the presence of pets too.

That is our story: Anne, Jean-pierre and our daughter Elyn. But we also receive lots of help from family, friends, volunteers (we can’t do without!) and great trainees. Together we support a better animal welfare!


Anne Raats-van den Boogaard


Ing Animal Husbandry (HAS Den Bosch)

MSc Animal Sciences (Wageningen University)

Certified for:

Kynologic Instructor (Martin Gaus Academy)

Hoopers Basic Beginners (Nadac Hoopers Nederland)

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