Tricks with an empty box

hond in bakje

Do you have an empty carton or plastic box in which your dog will fit? Use it for some tricks! What kind of tricks can you think of? 

Yazoo demonstrates: 

  • Sitting in a box: lure your dog in the box. Build this up, so start with just a paw and reward for that. Work this out step by step.
  • 2 paws on the box 
  • Sitting on the box
  • Try to learn your dog to sit on the box with his front feet on the floor! 

Don’t put pressure on your dog when you want to learn him something! Als cut the end-result in small steps. This way, the success moments are bigger and your dog will get more confidence and more motivation to learn.

hond staat op bakje
hond zit op bakje2
hond zit op bakje
hond kunstje op bakje

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