5 summer activities for your dog

When it’s hot outside it’s very important to prevent overheating of your dog. But it’s very boring to do nothing as well. Luckily, that’s not necessary with these tips!

Water games

Many dogs love water. Some will be happy with a garden hose or a box full of water, but it’s much more interesting when some rewards are involved. A kiddy pool with a little bit of water can be filled with floating cups with kibbles and of course you can put some rewards on the bottom of the pool as well.

Make dog ice creams

Very tasty and refreshing. There are many recipes available, for instance with banana, peanut butter and yoghurt.

hond met ijsje
hond op vlonder bij water
Make a refreshing evening walk

After eight the temperatures will drop, even on a hot summer day, and the sun is not too hot anymore as well. Great opportunity to go to the forest! If your dog likes to swim or just run around in some shallow water it’s smart to pick a spot with lots of water.

Give some brain games

Is het binnen wel koel? Leg wat leuke hondenpuzzels neer of maak er zelf in een handomdraai een paar. Zo kan je hond met denkwerkjes toch iets doen zonder dat hij zich daar lichamelijk erg voor in hoeft te spannen.

Go on a boat trip

Hire a small boat and hit the water together! 

Ook interessant om te lezen: 

Je tuin hond proof​

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