DIY Cat Playplace

Really easy, cheap, fun to make and super-interesting for your cat. Make your own cat-paradise!

What do you need?
  • A cartboard box
  • Thin rope
  • Cat toys
  • Sisal rope
  • Scisors and knife
  • Thick tape
  • (Bamboo)stick
  • Phillips screwdriver (to make holes)
The box

Fold the box flat and cut two squares our of the sides. Tape the loose flaps of one side to make a solid back wall. Cut two of the flaps of the other side as shown on the pictures. Fold the other two and strengthen everything with tape where necessary.

The toys

Make some holes in the top edge. Cut a few strings from the thin rope. Tie a toy to one end of a piecec of rope, put the other end through a hole and then make a strong knot in it. You can also thread toys onto a string like a pendulum and hang it horizontally.

The scratching post

Attach the end of the sisal rope to the top of the box. Secure it well with a knot and with glue and / or tape. Wrap the rope tightly down around the cardboard and attach the end well.

The rod

Make a hole almost at the top along the side in the box where the stick just fits through (see photo). Move the stick to the bottom of the back corner and attach an interesting toy to it!

Done? Use some catnip spray to make your artwork extra interesting. Of course you can also design something yourself that suits your cat or decorate the box!

Let’s have a look, what does Swift think of his new casa….

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