What made me happy week 19 2019

Monday 6 May

The girls ate some banana. Such a nice treat! 

Tuesday 7 May 

Our dear foster rabbits and their mom had their daily dose of hay, kibbles, herbs and fresh veggies.

Wednesday 8 May

Ohhhhh sometimes we receive guinea pigs of which you think… How can they be so adorable and cute! 

Thursday 9 May 

Yazoo poses for a nice portrait.

Friday 10 May

The happy little face of Bengeltje, brother of Boefje. They are pleasant company, undertaking and full of energy! 

Saturday 11 May

We visited the first anniversary of a fellow guinea pig shelter. It was great! 

Sunday 12 May

A picture of about 2 years ago of Siuwkje with one of her pups. Happy Mother’s Day! 

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