What made me happy week 19 2019

Monday 13 May

Nice weather, time for a long walk with some loose-leash running! Koda and Siuwkje loved it.

Tuesday 14 May

Today we had a visit from a litter of Australian Kelpie pups of 6 weeks old. Such a nice and curious dogs!

Wednesday 15 May 

Job and Juke are resting after a meal of veggies and herbs.

Thursday 16 May 

Time for some photos! The bell pepper was meant for Snoesje the guinea pig, but my daughter had other plans.

Friday 17 May

Time for a sunbath! 

Saturday 18 May

We received a big bag of fresh herbs and bamboo, thank you!!

Sunday 19 May

Koda and I followed a workshop detection. We both loved it!

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