What made me happy week 18 2019

Monday 29 April

Guinea pig Kiki looks at the camera with her pretty face! 

Tuesday 30 April

After a day amongst the guinea pigs it’s time to cycle with Koda! 

Wednesday 1 May

Welcome Toffee and Karamel! These two chickens came to join our cuddle team.

Thursday 2 May

The oldest holday-guinea pig in our animal shelter poses! 

Friday 3 May

Hmmmm! Loesje enjoys some fresh bell peppers! 

Saturday 4 May

A tasty herb mix for the girls

Sunday 5 May

The weather forecast was really bad, but we were able to train in the sun all training long! 

De lekkerste en gezondste natuurlijke voeding voor je dier en ook nog bijdragen aan andere goede dierendoelen? 

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