What made me happy week 17 2019

Monday 22 April

Ohhhh they are so adorable, those little bunnies that we take care of for a while.

Tuesday 23 April

Yazoo went to the garden centre with us to buy some stuff. Time to pose!

Wednesday 24 April 

Cuddle visit in a retirement home in Breda. It was quite hot, but it was a very nice hour for the residents and the animals 🙂

Thursday 25 April

After running, swimming and rolling in the sand Siuwkje decided to come back.

Friday 26 April

Cuddle visit in Udenhout. Besides Noa, Yazoo and some guinea pigs our chickens Punky and Plumea where there!

Saturday 27 April

Have a nice King’s Day! Henk was the most orange guinea pig. He posed for us.

Sunday 28 April

Agility training with Koda, he loved it! Afterwards he was really tired and rested in the shadow of the tunnel.

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