What made me happy week 16 2019

Monday 15 April

A beautiful day! After a nice walk in the forest with Koda and Siuwkje I took Noa and Yazoo to a retirement home for a cuddle hour. And it was the birthday of Noa, she turned 9 years!

Tuesday 16 April

The hamster we received last week in a far too small cage moved to a cage of 1 meter with houses, lots of bedding and hay.

Wednesday 17 April

Kiki thought it was easy to eat like this!

Thursday 18 April

Warm, but under the trees it’s quite ok. Even for Koda and Siuwkje, though they run less than they normally do.

Friday 19 April

Bell peppers!

Saturday 20 April

Since today we have some new dog foods. Yazoo was allowed to test.

Sunday 21 April

Yesterday we received a litter of bunnies from the rabbit shelter to take care for for a few weeks. Aren’t they adorable! 

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