What made me happy week 15 2019

Monday 8 April

The last touch and our new 30-ingredient herb mixtures are complete. Aren’t they just great?

Tuesday 9 April

Ohhhhh rolling in fresh gras……

Wednesday 10 April

To the city forest with Noa and Yazoo. Of course we visited the small animal farm too.

Thursday 11 April

It’s sunny, chilly and dry. Koda and Siuwkje went to the free range forest and enjoyed themselves a lot! 

Friday 12 April 

Guinea pigs Rhasja and Roo investigate a hollow small log filled with dried herbs.

Saturday 13 April

Sweet Wowie and her friends already get used to their new home quite soon. So nice to see! 

Sunday 14 April 

Sweet little Elaine poses with blueberries and took a bite to taste. 

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