What made me happy week 9 2019

Monday 25 February

Too hot for this time of the year. But hey, we won’t complain and just enjoy the sun!


Tuesday 26 February

Baby Lukka enjoys a herb mixture with his mom and “aunt”.

Wednesday 27 February

With these especially high temperatures today, Koda takes a break during training. In the shadow of course.


Thursday 28 February

Pim and Ted really hate each other some times. But they can also be great friends!


Friday 1 March

Yazoo studies the cows during a walk in Huis ter Heide.


Saturday 2 March

Finally, after the Luxury Menu Guinea Pig and after a lot of testing, we proudly present in our webshop: Luxury Menu Rabbit! 

Sunday 3 March

Juke and Job enjoy a bowl of herb mixture.

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