What made me happy week 11 2019

Monday 11 March

Yummmmm, cucumber! 

Tuesday 12 March

No better toy than a pile of hay! 

Wednesday 13 March

After a lot of hail, our visitors for today play in te park.

Thursday 14 March

A smoothie for the dogs today. Whilst most kibbles are healthy enough, there is nothing healthier than fresh nutrients!

Friday 15 March

Koda enjoys his trip to the dunes with his mother Siuwkje. They loved racing through the forest.

Saturday 16 March

Super-cute babies that were brought to us with their entire family. We also enjoyed giving the guinea pig-workshop today.

Sunday 17 March

Happy birthday Koda! He turned 2 years old today. We celebrated this with pup-cakes, made with carrot and banana. 

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