What made me happy week 5 2019

Every day a small animal thing that made me happy this week.

Monday 28 January

Guinea pig Scooby is doing much better since he came to our animal shelter. He was very thin and had diarrhea. Now, he is happy and gaining weight. He receives extra food to support his health, for instance with our Muesli-mix Deluxe.

Tuesday 29 January

Noa is chilling in a basket in the office. The dogs love to come with me and Noa uses these opportunities to seek as many cuddles as she can get.

Wednesday 30 January

Guinea pig Erasmus is testing a new product in our webshop: the surprise carrot. 

Thursday 31 January

We go to the forest in the afternoon after a busy day. Koda en Siuwkje ran around a lot.

Friday 1 February

I go to the forest with Noa and Yazoo to enjoy the snow while it’s still here. It was all gone in the afternoon.

Saturday 2 February

Baby guinea pig Mister poses on a surprise-hayball. He moved and has company of an adult male now.

Sunday 3 February

Guinea pig Bee came to our animal shelter while she was pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy triplet today. We didn’t excpect them yet, so it was quite a surprise!

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