5 facts about guinea pig feet

Guinea pig feet: small and adorable! Did you know these facts?

1. Guinea pigs have bare feet

Rabbits have fuzzy feet, but the soles of guinea pigs are bald. This makes them vulnerable, so pay attention to them and make sure the bedding of the cage is soft, dry an clean.

2. Guinea pigs have 4 toes on their front feet and 3 on their hind feet

But some have more of them. Their hind feet may have an extra dangling toe. Mostly, they don’t cause any problems.

3. Guinea pigs can have callus too

Especially the front feet can develop callus. Especially adult guinea pigs develop this sometimes from dead skin cells that come from the feet. This often grows out in a strip. Never pull this loose! When it does not wears off enough by itself you can cut a small part off regularly.

4. Some guinea pigs keep their own nails short, some don’t

That means that you need to check their nails regularly. When the nails grow too long this may cause sole problems. When you don’t dare to clip the nails by yourself you can ask someone with experience, such as a specialized vet or adequate staff from a petshop.

5. Bumblefoot is a disease in the sole of the foot

A bumblefoot is very painful. It develops from a bacteria that penetrates in the sole via a small wound, resulting in an inflammation. The foot swells, gets warm and red. It often is seen in the front feet. It can develop due to overweight, a humid, hard or dirty flooring or too long nails. When a bumblefoot still is in a beginning stadium it is possible to treat the foot on your own, but more often it is wiser to ask a specialized vet!

Vergevorderde bumblefoot
Een cavia met wel heel veel tenen

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