What made me happy week 3 2019

Every day a small animal thing that made me happy this week. Watch, read and enjoy!  

Monday 14 January

A part of the Christmas presents of our Christmas action arrived at the animal shelters today. They were very happy with it!

Tuesday 15 January

Two more days before the pups will leave. Time for a last photoshoot…

Wednesday 16 January

A cuddle visit in a retirement home in Dongen. The residents and animals both enjoyed it!

Thursday 17 January

A last round in the garden, a last drink and then they leave to their new owners. All great families!

Friday 18 January

Koda is enjoying a long walk in the neigbourhood. Cold, but beautiful weather!

Saturday 19 January

Chester and Pippa pose at the new Valentine mixure, our limited edition herb mixture.

Sunday 20 January

Guinea pig Tedje enjoys a bowl of enJOY muesli. He lives in our senior group with some other males.

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