What made me happy week 2 2019

Every day a small animal thing that made me happy this week. Watch, read and enjoy! 

Monday 7 January

Koda is begging for a bite of Elyn’s sandwich. No chance!

Tuesday 8 January

Puppy Roan is playing in the garden

Wednesday 9 January

Some handsome babies came to our guinea pig shelter today. The previous owners thougt they had two girls but it seemed to be a boy and a girl. So there suddenly were babies.

Thursday 10 January

Taking the pups to a garden centre for socialisation. That was really interesting for them!

Friday 11 January

Visiting a retirement home with the animals. They have such a great effect on the residents.

Saturday 12 January

After a calm morning we organised a workshop about guinea pigs. The animals that helped to demonstrate seemed to be happy with all that attention!

Sunday 13 January

A rainy day here in the Netherlands. The dogs are extra entertained with some food puzzles, which they love!

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