What made me happy week 1 2019

Every day a small animal thing that made me happy this week. Watch, read and enjoy!

Monday 31 December

Bob was the last guinea pig that came to our animal shelter this year. He came due to allergies. He also seemed to have a strange lump in his belly. Did that make me happy? No not really. What did make me happy was that he suited in our senior group for males just fine! 

Tuesday 1 January

Happy Newyear! A nice and calm day for everyone. Except for the pups. They always want to play and drink.

Wednesday 2 January

This evening we received the first guinea pigs of this year. Two of them directly moved to a new owner with a new friend. One of those animals is this lovely girl.

Thursday 3 January

Puppy Ravy looks at his brother and sisters. Today they are exactly 6 weeks old.

Friday 4 January

So many good moments today! The first Christmas presents from our Christmas action were picked up and we had the honour of a visit from Tessa the Daschund. Isn’t she pretty!

Saturday 5 January

We managed to make a nice trio for someone who wanted three guinea pigs for there large pen. Bientje, Bobke and Bibi will move soon to their new family.

Sunday 6 January

Kelpie-walk with Koda and Noa. LOTS of kelpies!

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