What made me happy week 51 2018

Every day a small animal thing that made me happy this week. Watch, read and enjoy!

Monday 17 December

Leya is eating a big carrot with Bijou and Roos.

Tuesday 18 December

Koda is satisfied after a puzzle session. Much more fun than a bowl of food!

Wednesday 19 December

Reus and his owner came for their hoopers-course. He loves it!

Thursday 20 December

Yazoo happily allows to be dressed with lights, as long as she gets some tasty rewards. And done is our Christmas photo 🙂

Friday 21 December

The first studio-photo sessions of the pups of Siuwkje. Four four-week-old pups came to our studio-office and created chaos. Luckily we managed to make some good pictures as well.

Saturday 22 December

Trainee Lonneke made really cool veggy-Christmas cookies for our shelter piggies. Aren’t they adorable! Luckily the guinea pigs liked them too!

Sunday 23 December

Sweet Sammy and his girlfriend Lady white. She is neutered and because Sammy has quite a clear opinion about other males this looked like a perfect solution without neutering him. They are really happy together. The only job left now is find a forever home!

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