What made me happy week 50 2018

Every day a small animal thing that made me happy this week. Watch, read and enjoy!

Monday 10 December

This week started well with a nice donation to a retirement home for guinea pigs in our Christmas action!

Tuesday 11 December

Handsome Ravy is ready to step outside the crate. Now he can walk, he wants space to play with his brother and sisters!

Wednesday 12 December

Today we took pictures of the beautiful products that our volunteer made. Chester poses with his pretty litte face.

Thursday 13 december

Today we visited a retirement home with our animals. It was a wonderful visit with our dogs, guinea pigs and chickens. The residents loved it.

Friday 14 December

Today we were honored with a visit from another animal shelter from Nijkerk. Great! Even more great was the huge pile of sleeping bags they made for us to sell in our webshop. Thanks for the visit!

Saturday 15 December

Puppt Hazel, 3 weeks old, with mommy Siuwkje. They have extra space now to run around in the kitchen.

Sunday 16 December

We received this super-cute pictures from a family who adopted two piggies from our animal shelter yesterday. They already adapt very well!

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