4 tips to loose weight for guinea pigs

We love to spoil our pets with tasty food. Nothing wrong with that. And because the love of our guinea pigs can be measured through their stomachs they will make use of it. Some guinea pigs get a little too much love and then they’ll easily get fat. A bit of extra fat is not so bad, but at some point it will become unhealthy. What can you do then?

Provide less kibbles

Unlimited kibbles, because they will eat it? Don’t do it! A handful per guinea pig per day really is enough. Do you give (much) more? Reduce the amount. Kibbles are good to ensure a basic need in vitamins and minerals, but a little bit really is enough.

Don’t give fruits and energy-rich veggies

Those contain more sugars and energy, which your fat animals don’t need. Rather provide veggies and herbs with a low energy level.

Unlimited hay

Guinea pigs need to eat the entire day, so make sure that they always have access to fresh hay in their cage. Hay contains much fibre and is low in energy. That is the best basis you can give. If they don’t really like it, just vary a lot!


Movement costs energy. Let your piggies exercise more, for instance in a play pen. You can also make them work more for their food by hanging it up or by spreading it through the cage.

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