A senior space for older males

We are often asked if we can take in a lonely guinea pig in our animal shelter who lost its friend. We completely understand this choice of the owner, as guinea pigs are social animals. And social animals don’t deserve it to spend the rest of their lives alone when we don’t want to say goodbye to them. Such decisions are made to in favour of the animal.

When the guinea pig that we receive is healthy and not too old we search a new friend and a new home. But sometimes we receive animals that are old or have a condition that needs intensive care or reduces the lifespan of it. We believe that such animals cannot be placed in normal homes, so we keep them in our shelter.

Sometimes these animals are placed with persons who we know very well and who have a great knowledge of guinea pigs. Older females are regularly placed in special retirement homes for guinea pigs or we keep them in our female group, like Diva the satin guinea pig or Spot with her wobbly head.

But older males are not that simple. We often seek a suitable friend and keep the duo in our shelter. But older animals die sooner and (very stupid but true) they take quite some space in our exhibits, which results in less space for other animals to take them in. We were thinking about building a male-exhibit, especially for social males that permanently live with us. That’s why we made a big exhibit of 2 x 0.8 m, including a penthouse, especially for males!

Saturday was the big day: the cage was built and the first four animals were introduced: Tedje, Frits, Tix and Diesel. We hope we can offer a great time to them and many more in the future! 

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