5 questions about meat for dogs

Some dog owners swear by meat, others say it’s a no-go. Why would you give meat to your dog? And can you just start with this? Five questions about feeding meat.

Why would you even consider feeding meat?

Dogs are carnivores that can adjust to a diet that (partly) consists of plant material. But their entire digestive system actually is adjusted to eating other animals (e.g. teeth, saliva and small intestine). Also, dogs produce considerably less faeces on meat.

But don’t they get shortages on a meat-diet?

Nowadays there are many complete meat-diets available for in the fridge or in slices. If the labels states “complete food for dogs” you can assume that everything that your dog needs is there. If you compose your own menu for your dogs (“barfing”) it is important that you know exactly what you are doing to prevent the chance of shortages. For that reason it is safer to provide a complete meat.

Aren’t there bacteria in meat?

Yes there are, but that is not always bad! On the contrary. Bacteria also make the digestive system stronger. Moreover, meat is not as highly processed as dry food, which benefits the preservation of nutrients. Anyway, always keep hygiene in mind when working with raw meat, also for yourself!

If I want to feed meat, can I combine it with dry food?

You can combine meat and dry food or other ingredients within a meal or you can for instance replace a dry food-meal for meat several times a week.

So it is not healthy for my dog to only eat kibbles?

Luckily, that’s not true, especially if you feed a high-quality food. However, personally I believe variation is great for any species, not only for ourselves. So if your dog does not have a very sensitive digestive tract or other problems…. Just try what your dog thinks of meat or spoil him with such a tasty meal once a week. Maybe it turns out tob be great!

Oh and please give meat of a good quality!

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